November 5, 2017


LedgerWorks LLC offers the following services:

// Monthly Bookkeeping Write Up Services with QuickBooks Online

After initial set up of QuickBooks Online for your business, each month we will enter all checks and other payments, all cash receipts and sales, reconcile your bank account(s), and provide a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Trial Balance for your review.

// Payroll Services

We will process payroll for your employees in QuickBooks Online and we will also handle filing your quarterly and yearly federal and state payroll tax reports.

// Accounts Receivable

We help you manage your Accounts Receivable by printing and mailing/emailing invoices and statements for you, as well as providing up to date Aged Accounts Receivable reports for your review.

// Accounts Payable

We help you manage your Accounts Payable by printing and mailing checks to vendors you specify and/or set up online automatic bill payments for you.  We can also provide up to date Aged Accounts Payable reports for your review.

//  Account Reconciliations

We can reconcile customer Accounts Receivable, vendor Accounts Payable, or any other general ledger account that you have.  We can also reconcile all of your bank accounts.

// Tax Services

We work closely with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) firm who will file your income taxes and can offer you tax advice and planning.

// Sales Tax Reporting (and other reporting)

We can file your Sales Tax Reports and any other industry specific reporting you need done.

// Financial Reporting and Analysis

Monthly financial reporting is included in our monthly write up services, but we can also provide financials weekly or bi-weekly.  We can also help you learn how to interpret the data and what it means for your business.

// QuickBooks Online and Excel Training

We can provide training for your employees on QuickBooks Online and/or Microsoft Excel.

// Onsite Office Organization

If you’re local, we offer onsite office organization.  We can help you set up a physical and/or digital filing system and also help you set up your computer, printer, scanner, software, etc.

// Website and Social Media

We can help you set up a basic website/blog and/or set up and manage your social media presence for your business.

// Virtual Assistance

Need something else we haven’t listed?  We can help, just let us know what you need!

Contact us at 615-433-5402 or to schedule a free consultation so we can determine what your needs are and give you an estimated fee.